Genshin Impact Keeps Crashing on My iPhone 7 Plus

Some applications require more battery than others. Genshin Impact is one of them. It continually drains the battery, even when it's not being used, and I find myself having to recharge my phone every few hours instead of every day or two.

What happens is that I'll be using my phone for between 6-8 hours throughout the day, and I'll start to notice my battery dropping. I open up Genshin Impact... and it's using 20% or more of my battery! I know that you can see which applications are draining the most battery, so this is odd to me.

What is Genshin Impact and why is it crashing mobile devices iOS users

IOS users are experiencing issues with Genshin Impact crashing on their mobile devices. Because the app has not been updated in over a year, there are concerns the game is using tracking software or other intrusive functions that may be draining battery life and/or uploading data to third-party servers without users' consent.

Is Genshin Impact using tracking software or uploading my data

Genshin Impact is not sending any information to third-party servers, nor does it use any form of intrusive account tracking. However, the game's developer has chosen the most recent version (1.0.5) to be buggy and unstable due to lack of resources. The developer has stated he will attempt to fix these issues and release a new version (1.0.7) by the end of April.

What is Genshin?

Genshin is a starting character in Dragon's Dogma. Genshin was the first character that I ever played, and I really enjoyed his fighting style, which involves using two swords that he holds in both hands. Genshin Impact is an application for mobile devices which allows users to compete against other players worldwide by taking on 'missions' within the game. Missions consist of the player trying to accomplish specific goals within a specified time limit. The mobile application is part of a larger gaming franchise which includes console games such as Dragon's Dogma, and has been nominated for multiple awards including "Best RPG" at the 2011 Spike Video Game Awards.

Why does genshin impact keep crashing mobile ios 

The game developer has stated that the next version of Genshin Impact should be released by the end of April. Upon its release, players can expect to see bug fixes and improved compatibility with their mobile devices. This will include iPhones running on iOS 11; however, there is no clear indication as to what other issues the update will address or when it will be released to the public.

Current users are advised to take caution in regards to possible battery drainage issues, incompatibility with their mobile device's operating system or internet connection speed, and/or any other potential bugs which could render the game inoperable. It is recommended that Genshin Impact be used on an iPhone 7 Plus and above, and on a Wi-Fi network.

Genshin impact keeps crashing for some gamers on their iPhone 7 or other devices. This is simply due to the application not being updated in over a year, which has resulted in compatibility issues with iOS 11, battery drainage problems and potential security concerns. The game's developer will release an update to address these issues by the end of April, which will improve compatibility with iOS 11 devices, among other things.


Genshin Impact is crashing on mobile devices for some users. The game's developer will release an update to make the game functional with iOS 11 by the end of April, along with other bug fixes and improvements. For more information about Genshin Impact, please visit our common questions section.



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